Analysis Package

Analyspaket för dissolvingmassa

Analysis Package for pulp

  • α-, β- och γ-cellulose – A widely used course measurement of the distribution of the degree of polymerisation (DP) of the pulp. High values of α-cellulose is seen as favourable.
  • Acetone Extract – Low content of material extracted with acetone is favourable, but constant levels can be more preferable to ensure stabile processing. Many surface active additives will show up here.
  • Carbonhydrates –Characterisation of the sugar moieties of which the pulp consists, which provides information about e.g. the hemicellulose content.
  • Ash content – Measurement of the inorganic content in the pulp..
  • Metals (Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, Cu) – Measurement of the metal content in the pulp (specifically those found to have effect on the processability).
  • SiO2 content –Often measured on pulps to ensure levels are below a set threshold, as too much silica can disturb the spinning.
  • Lignin content (Klason or acid soluble) – Measurement of the lignin content of the pulp.

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