Low levels of antraquinone in water samples, e.g. effluents and recipients, can  be determined with a method developed at MoRe Research. The detection limit is 0,5 ppb.

Antraquinone improves the yield in pulp production and has seen an increased use in the industry due to high wood prices. As a consequence, the need to study low levels of antraquinone in effluents from the biological treatment has increased. After a quick sample preparation step, gas chromatography-masspectrometry is used for the final determination providing a detection limit of 0,5 ppb.

The method supplements our already established methods for analysis of antraquinone in pulp, paper and process liquors. The methods are used to study the addition of antraquinone in pulp production with respect to cost, product quality, product safety and environmental impact.

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