Carbohydrates and anions

Ion chromatograph for carbohydrates and anions

MoRe’s ion chromatograph is two combined ion chromatographs. Analyses of carbohydrates as well as anions, e.g. oxalate, chloride, sulphite, sulphate and thiosulfate ions, can be analysed in the combined ion chromatograph.

We frequently analyse sulphite, sulphate and thiosulfate ions which are found in e.g. cooking liquids. Scaling deposits is a serious problem, especially when pulp mills are increasingly closed. We have customers who want to know the total content of oxalate and the share of free oxalate ions in order to be able to calculate the risk for precipitations.

We analyse total chlorine, total sulphur, organic chlorine and washable chloride and sulphate in paper and pulp samples. We use the ion chromatograph for end determination of chloride and sulphate in these analyses. One more example is chlorate analyses for bleach plant environmental analyses.