Metal Analyses

MoRe has an ICP instrument for fast metal analyzes and low detection levels

We are specialized in analyzes of forest industry samples. In the case of ICP analyzes, pre-treatment of samples is crucial for a correct analysis result. The samples we receive for metal analysis can be both solid, chips and pulp, or in liquid form but with a complex composition such as black liquor. It is important to know how to correctly sample the samples before analysis. One advantage of our ICP is that it is both fast and can detect low levels.

In the case of bleaching, manganese analysis is valuable because manganese causes decomposition of peroxide and degrades the bleach result. This results in higher peroxide dosage and thus increased costs. Following the manganese content after each bleaching step is important.

In the case of evaporation, it is often desired to know free and total calcium, as calcium may cause incrustations and deposits. Analyzes of all streams in the recovery show the levels of different metals and where they exist in the recovery cycle parts. Sometimes using new attachments or from other purchasing sites, you want to know if metal levels are critical.

Sometimes our assignments are true problem solving jobs. By combining, for example, ICP, FTIR, SEM and light microscope analyzes and our overall experience of existing problems, we can also solve seemingly difficult solving problems.

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Process Solutions

If you need to discuse process solutions please contact:

Chemical recovery and environmental investigations: Staffan Magnusson +4670-2223132, E-mail

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