Molecule weight distribution

Molecule weight distribution

MoRe can analyze the molecular weight distribution in cellulose samples of bleached pulp, viscose solutions and viscose thread.

MoRe has its own standardized method which, in short, means that the sample is dissolved and analyzed at a temperature of 70 oC. The method provides safe and reproducible values.

This is a good method when, for example, a user or visor manufacturer carries out changes in the driving style or equipment of one or more process steps. For example, a shift towards a lower average molecular weight indicates that the strength properties have deteriorated. By dissolving viscose threads before analysis, we can correspondingly determine whether the strength of the thread is affected as a result of the molecular weight distribution being changed.

The instrument is the Agilent PL-GPC 220 System and has been delivered by Agilent Technologies. If necessary, it can also be supplemented with viscosity detector and light scattering detector.

Advantageously, multiple samples are sent due to time-consuming startup.

We can also help you to characterise lignin, lignosulfonate, biocides and black liquor.

Molecule weight distribution of hemicellulose

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    Molecule weight distribution can be evaluated at MoRe!

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