Cooperation between Eurocon and MoRe in the design of systems for DNCG

MoRe Research has developed methods for measuring flow rates and analyzing the sulfur content (TRS) in the pulp mills dilute non-condensable gases, DNCG. The concept is based on the fact that a portable gas chromatograph is set up on the site so that the weak gases from different test points can be quickly analyzed.

According to EU directive 2010/75/EU, the requirements of the BAT conclusions must be met by 30 September 2018 and all uses must show how the requirements are followed or how they plan to follow them.

The need to be able to collect and destroy in a cost-effective manner swelling gases have increased when the EU tightened the industry requirements to use best available technologies to reduce sulfur emissions to air. The forest industry is already far ahead in the work to reduce sulfur emissions, but with the tightening requirements, even the so-called the DNCG in focus.

What is usually called DNCG contains a mixture of different sulfur-containing substances such as hydrogen sulphide, methylmercaptan, DMS and DMDS. The method of pulping to solve the problem with swelling gases is to pull the different emissions together and collect them to a point, such as the soda boiler, for combustion. However, in order to be able to dimension a plant for this, the size of the flows and their composition must be known. The concept is based on the fact that a portable gas chromatograph is set up at the site so that the DNCG can be quickly analyzed from different test points.

Since there is a wider deadline when new emission conditions apply to sulfur, we see here a need that we solve for our customers. Although the use has environmental permits that go beyond the time limit set by the EU, the sulfur condition will be renegotiated, and in many ways the need may be to have the flows measured and analyzed, as well as the design of a technical solution for efficient collection and sulfur degradation.

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