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We have extensive experience in closely collaborating with various paper mills. Over the years, we have developed and refined our unique method for evaluating the fiber line, which is fast and cost-effective. This method is used to optimize, further develop, and resolve issues at different stages of the production process. We strive to provide comprehensive support for all aspects of pulp mill operations, from raw material handling, such as wood, to the finished product.

With our flexible paper pilot programs, we can address issues where paper and pulp properties are integrated smoothly. This includes areas such as stock preparation and fiber blends, which are crucial for achieving the desired quality in the final product. Additionally, we focus on product development to continuously improve and tailor products to meet market demands and preferences.

Our operations also involve work on issues related to biorefinery. By utilizing various pilot facilities, such as membrane filtration, reactors, and digesters, along with relevant analyses, we support our clients' development projects in this area. By combining expertise in chemical engineering and process optimization, we contribute to driving innovation and sustainability within the industry.

Kontaktperson: Lars Sundvall, 070 526 52 21 E-post

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